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Welcome to my personal blog,some of my Photos and family news.

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Now retired

After 43 years I am finishing work soon. read on
Job Application

End of an Era

I have applied for redundancy.... read on

Not to be read at weddings

I can guarantee that every weekend at weddings up and down the country this passage will be read out. read on

50 Shades of ….

It is OK to change your mind... read on

You are Loved

Earlier this week I went to bed to find our cat “Meta” curled up halfway down the duvet, clearly not wishing to be disturbed, after all he was there first.... read on

Do I Need an Ambulance?

I must have rolled over in bed and the pain had woken me. Whichever way I moved the pain was so intense that I fully expected to need to go to hospital, with the added indignity of needing to be carried out of bed by an ambulance crew, with me only wearing a pair of read on